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Welcome to TEMM web-site!

We are surrounded by a developing world. To know the laws and tools of systems evolution is a task for many researchers both in TRIZ and in other fields. During the last 20-25 years we conduct research on study of mechanisms for the evolution of different systems. Accumulated experience enables to draw a conclusion that it is necessary to create a theory, which is different from what is already known in this field.

Engineering, business, art, sciences and scientific ideas, religions - all these and other systems, irrespective of the fact, if they are material or not, evolve according to the same regularities. heory of Evolution of Matter and Models (TEMM) sets the goal of identifying these regularities of evolution, making them utterly instrumental and accessible for everybody. The site is necessary to organize the discussion on the development of this theory.

The present site is conducted by July Samoilovich Murashkovsky (TRIZ Master) and Mikhail Semyonovich Rubin (TRIZ Master). We shall be thankful for your articles, comments, criticism or information for card collections on the topic TEMM.

Ju. Murashkovsky, . Rubin

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